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Not everyone needs a doctor to feel they've transitioned. Some individuals only transition socially with no hormones or operations. But whatever you do, be safe.

There are a lot of harmful practices out there that people think will help them better pass as their true gender. Make sure you are wearing your binder properly and don't mess with your dosage or try using some kind of male/female enhancement drug. And if you really feel you need Rogaine/Minoxidil because your beard just isn't filling in fast enough or T is starting to give you male pattern baldness, watch out! Just because it's topical doesn't mean it won't have serious side effects. And it is DEADLY to cats. According to Transgender Pulse, even the residue in the bathroom sink is enough to do in poor Chompers. I don't really recommend this practice anyways. You should talk to an endocrinologist or GP about your options first. There are pills that can help with the baldness. And if you are unhappy with your beard, well so are a lot of cis guys. I'm gonna say it: Man. Up. 

Finding the right doctor to help you with your transition can be daunting. I'm not an expert on the process, but common sense tells me there are a few things that I should look for or ask about when locating an endocrinologist and surgeon.

  • what percentage of their practice is for LGBTQ+ patients?

  • is there a place where I can see before and after photos of past patients (you should really be able to get your hands on this)?

  • how much is the whole thing going to cost (not just surgeon's fees)? You will likely need to go to a consultation visit to get a specific dollar amount, but they should be able to give you a range over he phone. Many offices will credit your consultation fee to your procedure.

  • do they have their own operating rooms and nurses, or will you have to go to a hospital where you may encounter transphobic staff?

  • how long have they been doing this?

  • how many times a week do they perform this procedure?

  • are they sensitive to my preferred name and pronouns?

  • what's the recovery time or how long will it take to get a prescription?

  • do they require a psychiatrists letter?

  • do they provide the letters necessary for gender marker changes?

  • do they offer modifications to an original procedure at no cost?

Don't be afraid of taking your time to find the right providers. There is no point in rushing in if you end up being unhappy with the results. This is all about feeling comfortable in your body.

Search by type of surgery and state. This is the engine I used to find my doctor.

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