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And The Science Behind "It"


Depression, anxiety, dysphoria, substance abuse and suicide are serious risks for the LGBTQ+ population and especially for trans individuals. You probably don't need me to tell you that.

Additionally, most of us are terrified that we will never find an accepting and understanding health provider. But they are out there.

Reclaim agency over your mental and physical health. Here are some resources to help you have a healthy, happy, and safe transition and life.

Get more information specifically about eating disorders and addiction on the Physique and Body Image page.


Try these tools to find providers near you. If all else fails, or if you are lazy/scared like me, contact Planned Parenthood. Most of them offer LGBT services of some kind, even if it's just a bimonthly clinic with referrals. But some go so far as to prescribe/administer hormones and provide those long sought after letters for gender marker changes. Make sure you take a "God Loves Gays"sign with you in case you run into any protestors.

I'll be talking specifically and in detail about the providers a chose in several blog posts very soon.


Staying healthy is a challenge. And for some of us, physique plays a lot into our ability to pass as our desired gender or feel acceptable in society. This can turn into a slippery slope of dangerous habits that can lead to injury or eating disorders. The following are some links related to getting and staying healthy. You'll find information about eating disorders, weightlifting regimens, getting rid of bad habits, and healthy eating, at any size.


Homelessness, job and workplace discrimination, domestic violence, and sexually transmitted diseases disproportionately impact the lives of LGBTQ+ people. Explore these organizations for help. Also visit the "Legal and Advocacy" section of the "Resources" page. A lot of these organizations will represent you if you have to take someone to court for discrimination.


It's Not A Mental Illness

Don't let anyone fool you into thinking you are less than or ill because you are transgender or homosexual. Find out more about what scientists are discovering here...

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