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Hey! I'm Tate, a 34 year old transman-to-be, queer, pansexual individual just now (in 2018) embarking on the path towards transition which you can follow in the blog section. If you would like to help with my transition, please visit my Go Fund Me page. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.

This is TheTranState. It's a place to collect information about being transgender and queer for myself and others to use in one convenient place. Like one giant bookmark list.

TheTranState exists to make it easier for you to navigate the online resources out there. Consider this a jumping off point or portal filled with quick links to information and entertainment to get you started on your transition or on being a proud and happy little baby gay. It will be an ever-growing resource, so visit often, subscribe, and send me links you find so I can add them.

So far this site has a bit (meaning very much) of an FTM lean to it, so if you come across some useful tools, links, stores, etc. out there for MTFs, let me know. I don't want to pretend to be an expert at something I will never be.

Even though I most often use the word trans or transgender, most of these resources are useful for the L, G, and B populations as well. This site isn't as laden with references to homosexuality, because, well, I've been out as bi/pan for well over a decade and I just don't think about it as a big deal any more. You're still allowed to get excited about it though.


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